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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Salina, KS; Sam And Maggie...And Their Friends...

"I may be drunk, Miss, but, in the morning, I'll be sober and you will still be ugly." ~ Winston Churchill

One of my favorite politicians and one of his better quotes.  Alright, on to Salina, KS.  I left Great Bend, KS, on the early side since I knew the wind would not be nice today and to try to get to Salina on the earlier side.  Sam Browning and his wife, Maggie, have a potluck dinner every Thursday...and today was Thursday.  Despite the motivation of hanging out with Sam, Maggie, and their friends, the wind was not going to give me a break today.  Hunkering down, I got into the "long day in the saddle" mindset.  It helps keep the frustrations to a minimum.  Not good for enhancing my curse words vocabulary.  Save that for a ceiling fan installation some other day.

The distance I rode to Salina was not that far, 82 miles, but because of my friend, the wind, I didn't get into Salina until around 9pm that night.  First use of my Cygolite 850 lumens bike light ( and it was great.  It lit up the street in front of me well enough to see any potholes or debris.
It fits comfortably on my helmet and I really did not feel the weight of it at all.  Once I got to Sam and Maggie's home, I really regretted not being able to get there earlier.  Their friends were equally as nice as they were and I had a great time talking to them.  Please don't ask me to tell you their names.  I'm terrible with names...great with faces, however.  I remember Amy, Anderson, Sam, and Maggie.  Sam's business partner, whose name I have forgotten, looks like he could be my college roommate's (Bob Roisman AKA Chico) brother.
All together, there were about 12 people or more at the potluck.  Like Sam and Maggie, they were all interesting characters...ranging from student pilot to public defender to a 5th grade teacher and more. Again, more proof that the media has it wrong about this generation, as they've been wrong about just about every generation.  Bright, fun, talkative, inquisitive, and wondering why a geezer like me is doing what I'm doing.  And I said nice things about my wife, Eileen, too...that's always easy to do.  Sam and Maggie own a Victorian home in the historic district of Salina...some photos:
What a beautiful Victorian home...
Had to take a photo of a photo of Sam/Maggie...forgot to get one the night before!
This photo is of Sam's grandparents, Marilyn and Ray Browning, married just 3 days, when she was a WASP (Women's Auxillary Service Pilot) test pilot and his grandfather trained fighter pilots and was the 7th person to ever fly a helicopter.  He was one of the first group of helicopter test pilots.  Sam told me that his grandfather said, whenever they'd land on the outskirts of a town, people would come running out to see the helicopter since they'd never seen one before.  I just had to take a photo of this photo.  Just fabulous, I think.

Now, a tune to exit with...Frank Sinatra singing, "Come Fly With Me"...seems appropriate.

To Sam and Maggie, and their friends, thanks for a great evening.  When I come through Salina again, I'll get into town earlier and bring some food/beer to the potluck...and my wife, Eileen.

Next up, my first "adventure" of the trip.  Just don't tell the government, ok???