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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Compass Bicycles Cayuse Pass 700x26 Tires

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." ~ Abraham Lincoln

True words. I will, however, speak out and let readers consider what I've said and make their determination. Bicycle tires. For what I like to do, these are critical accessories. Recently, I wrote a post about the Grand Bois Blue Cerf, 700x26, tires that had about 3500 miles on them (in my post, I mistakely credited them with 4000 miles). These were (yes, past tense) probably the best tires I've ever used on my Vitus or any other bicycle I've ever owned/ridden. Amazing durability and rideability. A few weeks ago, Eileen and I went to Willcox, AZ, to ride the Willcox Flyer (, a 66 mile ride out and back from downtown Willcox. 
Very good ride with the weather accommodating us with overcast skies most of the day, so it was cooler than anticipated. If you're looking for a good ride on quiet roads and pretty nice scenery, this one is for you. Lots of wineries and apple orchards add to the fun. A couple of decent restaurants and places to stay, too. This was Eileen's first organized ride and she was hooked. Now, she wants to do more, and longer, rides. I like this...

Well, on the ride, I had two in the back tire; one in the front tire. That's when I knew it was time to buy new tires. No sense in pissing into the wind. So, what did I do? Went to Compass Cyce ( and purchased two of the Compass tires called Cayuse Pass, 700x26 ( 

Say what? Why not buy two of the same tire that just gave me 3500 miles of great riding??? I wanted to try these other tires. They're more expensive, $76/ea, but lighter, so I wanted to see if they'd last as long as the Grand Bois Blue Cerf. We'll see, eh? I've done two rides in the mountains with the new tires to date and they've been fabulous. Fast, smooth, and I got up to 45mph coming down the mountain from Pinos Altos, NM. Will talk more about these after the new year and fill you in on how they've held up and what I think of them after some miles on them.

For now, it's time to close this posting. A about Queen performing, Bicycle Race ( Seems appropriate. Til next post...