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Friday, April 16, 2010

Great Day for Cycling in the Mountains...

Today was a great day to be in the mountains on my bicycle.  I rode 54 miles, that's 89.904576 kilometers for my Canadian friend, The Hoser.  There was still a chill in the air, but the sun was shining brightly.  The granny gear that I have on my touring bike is SOOOO good.  The climb back from the Mimbres Valley turn off is a grueling 3+ is a non-stop breaks at all, so it usually kicks my ass.  Yesterday, however, I used my granny gear (28 tooth chain ring; 32 tooth cog) and it was fabulous!!  Still a long climb but I could actually look around instead of wondering at what point I was going to die.

I brought along some fig bars and plenty of water and the ride went very smooth.  While going down that long climb, I encountered two touring cyclists....I managed to stop to talk to the second one.  Her name is Kim.  She lives in Albany, NY, and went to Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY.  What's amazing about that is that I grew up in Glens Falls, NY, which is 45 miles from Albany, NY, and I went to the State University College at Oneonta, NY, which is just across the road from Hartwick College.  Is that amazing or what?  They continued on their way while I plummeted to the bottom of the hill to the turn off.  On my way back, I caught up with Kim and Caroline, who wanted to stop in Pinos Altos to see the place.  So, we saw the four buildings in "downtown" Pinos Altos but, more importantly, we stopped at the Ice Cream Parlor....great little place that I'd not been in before and will be going back to on some of my rides.  Very friendly people, great ice cream and a cool little shop that also serves food.  Kim and Caroline ate like touring cyclists usually had a big piece of pie and ice cream, while the other had a big piece of chocolate cake and ice cream.  Touring cyclists  usually burn 600 calories/hour, so eating is not a worry while touring.  Not eating enough is the problem.

Well, enough for now.  I was very pleased with my ride yesterday and look forward to doing that hill some more.  Makes me stronger.  Rain is predicted for this weekend.  Oh, well, we need it.