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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SPOT 2 GPS Messenger

The SPOT 2 GPS Messenger device arrived today and I have created an account/service with them.  The pictures above give you an idea of what it looks like and the size.  Click on the photos for a larger picture.

 Now, when I'm out bicycling, I can send Eileen messages letting her know where I am and that I am doing ok even when I'm not in cell phone service range.  This will also be handy for our backpacking treks we want to take into the Gila Wilderness.  The device has a 911 option that will activate a search/rescue operation if need be.  For me, on the road, it will send emergency help to me based on my GPS location that is given to the emergency services through the SPOT 2 service contract that I activated today.

Very cool device; very small; very lightweight.  I like it.  It has six buttons on it.  One is the power button.  The other five are: 911, Ok button (this sends a message to up to 10 people letting them know I'm ok and the email includes a gps location that shows where I am on a Google map), custom message button, tracking button (I didn't opt for puts my location on a map every 10 minutes automatically), and a Help button that will send an email to up to 10 people telling them that I need assistance but it's not an emergency and has my cell phone number for them to call me.

Was out on my touring bicycle yesterday and had the rear tire come off my rim.  Not sure how that happened but I've ordered two more Schwalbe Marathon tires.  They'll be here next week.  This reaffirmed the need to have a spare folding tire for the trip.  When the tire came off, it shredded the sidewall in three different places.  I was able to put a new tube in and ride home with it.  If need be, I could have inserted dollar bills in the three areas that were torn to provide more security until I got home, but didn't need to.  An amazing blowout.  Got my attention.

The weather is supposed to be crappy tomorrow...51 degrees for a HIGH!!  Jesus...where is SPRING???  Will be riding my Vitus road bike until I get my tires.  I switched out my Cannondale handlebar bag for an Ortlieb one.  I like the Ortlieb.  Not quite as big as the Cannondale, but the handlebar clamp for the Cannondale was not holding the bag securely.  The Ortlieb is doing well, so far.  In the future, as I need to replace my panniers, I will switch to the Ortlieb panniers, too.  They are all  waterproof.

Enough for today.  Here's just a sample of Oscar Peterson for my Canadian friend, John...enjoy!