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Friday, May 14, 2010


Well, I never did find my glasses, so I had to head off to Albuquerque to see my Optometrist, Dr. Baumstark.  It was painless and eyes have not changed in 4yrs.  No glaucoma, pressures in both eyes are good (16), contact lens and glasses prescription are the same.  I'm going to purchase a backup pair of glasses online, so that I'll have an extra pair of glasses on the cross country trip .... just in case.  Only $29 online at Zenni Optical.  I wear my contacts most of the time and don't really need my glasses for around the house or to read.  The glasses are for when I'm too lazy to put my contacts in and need to see something far away.

While in Albuquerque, I stocked up on goodies that aren't available here...and/or the product/s are less expensive in Albuquerque.  As for cycling, I've had a slow week, so far.  Monday/Tuesday were wind days from hell, so it was off to the gym.  Wed/ Albuquerque.  Today, I headed out, intent on going into the mountains for a short ride to check out my new Shimano Deore XT rear dérailleur and realized that I didn't bring any water with me.  For me, those are indicators to not go riding, so I headed home and got to see Eileen when she came home for lunch.  BTW, the Deore XT works skipping of the gears while cycling, which means a lot!  Not sure what it was with the older equipment, but they did not handle the new STI shifters well, at all.

So, tomorrow will be a long day in the will be a day vacuuming and mopping the floors for Eileen.  Makes her feel good...!

Ok, here's a little music to make your feet tap...Johnny Cunningham and his brother, Phil Cunningham.  Johnny died from a heart attack in NY City just a few weeks after Eileen and I saw Johnny and Susan McKeown in Albuquerque, NM...sad loss for the music world and us.  This is for Eileen..

Ok, one more from Johnny,  Phil and Dougie McLean....Scottish trio, through and through...!