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Monday, May 28, 2012

More Fire...

Here are a few articles about the fires north of Silver City, NM, near Glenwood, NM.  A new one started near Reserve, NM, just north of Glenwood.  Over 132,000 acres have burned, to date.

First, a photo:
Smoke from the Whitewater Baldy fire near Glenwood, NM.
Here are some links to articles about the local fires:
NM Fire Info

Almost daily, there have been several airplances and helicopters flying over Silver City.  For those of you who live in more metropolitan areas, the sound of aircraft overhead is so common that it is probably not even noticed by most.  On the other  hand, in this area, the sound of aircraft overhead is a love/hate thing.  Hate it because it means fire; love it because it means people are fighting those fires.  The monsoon season  doesn't start around here until the first week of July, so we have a long dry spell before the rain comes.

Another tune to exit with: