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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Woke up to the smell of smoke this morning.  No one's house was on fire, but over 152,000 acres of wilderness is just north of Silver City, NM.  It grew by over 20,000 acres in 24hrs.  Only 5,000 acres more and it'll be the largest forest fire in New Mexico history.  Ah, the wonders of living in the wilderness.  Oh, and it's ZERO percent under control.  No fault of the firefighters.  These people are courageous and incredible.  It is the weather and the fuel.  Weather is dry, hot, windy.  Just the right fixings for a forest fire.  Lightning was added and, voila, forest fire.  Because of this weather, everything is DRY.  So, put all of that together and now you know why there's a fire that has consumed over 152,000 acres of timber and grass, as well as homes and other buildings.

Today is the first day where the odor of smoke has been detected.  Eileen's sense of smell is much better than mine.  I had to get out of bed, roam around a bit, go outside, and then I noticed the smell.  We have seen smoke in the northern skies but no smell of smoke until this a.m.  I may only go to the gym today, but, if it clears a bit, I will at least try Snake Hill.  Oh, well, price to pay to live here.  Here's a short story and photo about the fire:

KOB Channel 4 Story on the Whitewater_Baldy Fire with photo

To close with today, here's a video of two friends of ours, Randal Bays and Davey Mathias.  These two were in Silver City, NM, in January/2012 for a concert in at the Town of Silver City Library.  Randal stayed with us and Davey stayed with other friends, Ken Keppeler and Jeanie Mclerie, Bayou Seco, while they were here.  Thought of Randal and all the wet weather they're having in Seattle where he lives and how much we could use that rain here... Eileen would have to tell you the names of the tunes these guys are playing.  I haven't a clue...