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Monday, May 28, 2012

Snake Hill Again and Pinos Altos, NM

Eileen and I headed out on our bicycles yesterday and today.  We didn't ride on Saturday because the winds got up to about 32mph, which truly sucks while bicycling particularly if it's a headwind.

So, yesterday, it was Snake Hill again.  Yes, fear and trepidation filled my head as we headed toward the climb from our house.  It was hard, but I made it up the hill, as did Eileen for the first time for her on a bicycle.  Yes!  While I thought it was hard, she thought it was "moderately" hard.  It is harder on the recumbent.  After we got to Rt. 180 at the top of Snake Hill, we headed out on Rt. 180, ended up doing 20 miles.  Respectable.

On returning home, we grabbed a bite to eat, then headed downtown to the 17th Annual Silver City Blues Festival.  Lots of people come to town for this, along with lots of motorcyclists.  As bicyclists, we know that only wimps ride bikes with motors.  New Mexico has these arcane laws regarding alcohol, which are applied in an erratic fashion...for example, I can go to the wine festivals that are held in the State, get a paper bracelet put on my wrist, and people under 21yrs of age can enter the wine festival grounds.  Go to the rodeo, get said bracelet, buy a beer, go into the stands where there are people of all ages around.  Go to the Silver City Blues Festival and they make you go into the "Beer Jail", as we fondly refer to it.  No one under 21yrs old is allowed in.  So, you got kids with you?  Handcuff the cretins to a motorcycle...because, if they're not 21yrs old, they're not coming into the Beer Jail with you.  Go figure.  Stupid is as stupid does.  Besides this major pain in the ass, the Festival is fun.  Lots of people watching, particularly on Saturday when the biggest crowd shows up.  Sunday is equally as fun, just a bit smaller crowd.

Some photos of the goings-on:

17th Annual SC Blues Fest
17th Annual SC Blues Fest

Prisoners in the "Beer Jail"

More Prisoners in the "Jail"

Denise Miller "jailed"...
Andrew, Floyd and Dennis..."jailed"...

We still go every year, despite having to be "jailed" to get an alcoholic beverage.

Today, Eileen and I decided to try Pinos Altos...Eileen has not ever done this ride.  I've done it once on the Silvio.  Once again, fear and trepidation filled my head.  Eileen was worried because she'd never done the ride.  Off we went, weather was fab and there was not much traffic on Rt. 15, which heads up to Pinos Altos, or PA, as we call it around these parts.  Yesterday, I adjusted Eileen's seat on her Surly Long Haul Trucker and it seemed to be fine for her today.  We stopped so I could adjust the handlebars on my bike and so we could drink some water.  Temps are great, mid to low 80's and very low humidity.  Important to drink water because there are no signs, like in areas of high humidity, that you're losing water from your body.  Sweat dries almost instantaneously.

At the base of the last climb, we stopped to drink some more water, give me a chance to catch my breath and get my heart rate lower.  That done, we took off for the top of the hill, about 8/10ths of a mile climb.  No rest for the wicked.  By the time we got to the top, I was most definitely breathing hard, but we made it. Eileen thought it was "moderately" difficult.  Not an adjective that I'd use but she is much stronger than I am, plus she weighs a lot less than I do.  She has done two hard hills in two days.  Now, I need to catch up with her so we can do some longer rides.

Tomorrow, I will head up Snake Hill again, then head down to the Tyrone mine, turn around and come up that 1.5 mile climb and go home for the day.  On Wed, Andrew from Flagstaff, AZ, and a friend of his will be coming into Silver City to spend the night with us.  I'll head up Snake Hill again, go out Rt. 180 and catch up with them so I can ride into town back to our house with them.  It's a memorial ride that Andrew does annually for his brother.

Enough for today.  Another tune by The Band: