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Friday, June 29, 2012


In my previous post today, I cut/pasted Paul Krugman's NY Times column because he spoke to the issue of healthcare and the uncaring/unconcerned attitude of the right wing.

This decision is the right thing for all of us.  What is still ever present, however, is the determination of the tea baggers/rightwingers/christians/republicans to press their campaign to take more away from those who aren't part of the 1%...the rich, who these people want to reward with even more money/tax breaks.  Remember Reagan's "trickle down economics"?  I always considered it to be "trickle on economics"... meaning "Piss on them (us).  Let's get all the money we can and make those poor bastards work for us for next to nothing."

While I have hopes that Congress, and the individual States, will pursue an even better healthcare option for America, such as expanding Medicare or, better yet, a single payer system like Vermont has enacted, I know that resistance to this type of thing is significant.  And this resistance is funded by the very rich insurance companies and others who make money off of us.

Well, read the previous post...Krugman has a way with words that far exceeds my meager abilities.

A tune to exit with...Bruce Springsteen's "Human Touch"...something we should all work towards.