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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BICYCLE GEAR REVIEW: Keen Commuter II Bicycling Sandals

Ok, I don't own the Keen Commuter II Bicycling Sandals...I own the Keen Commuter Bicycling Sandals.  The difference?  A velcro strap that comes across the top of the front of the sandals just above where the lacing starts.  That's right, mine don't have that velcro strap.  Significant difference?  No.  I suppose the velcro strap allows the user to tighten the grip of the lacing system.  The old, discontinued model works well for me.  I've had no problem with these sandals from day one...right up to the ride I did today.  And I expect  them to function just as well tomorrow when I do a repeat of the ride I did today.

Back to the sandals.  Here are some photos so you can see the difference between the two...

These are the ones that I own...
the discontinued Keen Commuter Bicycling Sandals
Keen Commuter II Bicycling Sandals...note the velcro strap
Other than the addition of the velcro strap, I see no difference between these two sandals, so I have to believe that these are just the same as mine.  With that understood, because whenever a company changes up a design, sometimes one of those "engineer" types gets involved and tries to "make it better".  Having experience with some of those products that "engineers' have "made better", I hope this isn't the case here.

These are great sandals.  They are equal in comfort/quality to the Keen Austin Pedal Shoes that I covered a day ago on this blog.  I wear wool socks while wearing these sandals.  You don't have to, but I'm not a fan of slathering sunscreen all over my feet nor am I a fan of sunburning the hell out of my feet either.  Thus the socks.  By wearing socks, I also get to wear these sandals longer during the year, after it's cooled some but not quite the weather where I want a cycling shoe.  After my ride today, I did a bit of shopping wearing my cycling duds and these sandals around town.  They were very comfortable.  They have a stiffer sole than Keen's regular sandals that helps pedaling.  If you'd like to see all of Keen's cycling shoes/sandals, click here.

An important note re: Keen Footwear....they've moved their production to Portland, OR, from China.  I like that.  I'm not a Xenophobe nor do I think that we should make all the companies produce their products in America.  Having made the decision to make this move puts Keen farther up the list of companies that I would do business with.  China doesn't exactly rate high on the "good employer" scale, y'know?  Sort of like Walmart, only worse, if you can imagine that.  Plus, we could use the jobs here right now.  Thanks to Keen.

-Sturdy with sturdy soles
-Obviously cool.  Temperature cool, that is...
-Excellent warranty, like their other products
-Good looking footwear


If you're in the market for some cycling sandals that are comfortable, sturdy, good looking, with a good warranty should something unforeseen happen to them, this is the cycling sandal to buy.  The new version of this sandal only has two color choices, but there is another sandal that comes in a different color.  Check Keen's website for more details.  I began wearing these sandals last year, after my Keen Austin Pedal Shoes crashed and burned on me...actually, the cleat tore out a section of the sole of the shoe when I tried to remove it from the SPD pedals on my Cannondale touring bicycle.  They were a lifesaver at the time and I've been wearing them ever since.  Love'em...  Pricey ($110) but worth the money, IMHO.  Check around online...seen them on eBay for about $80 including shipping.

Ok, tune time...and time to go...Leonard Cohen, truly, one of a kind..."Blessed is the Memory".