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Friday, June 8, 2012

BICYCLE GEAR REVIEW: Planet Bike Superflash Turbo Tail Light

This is another one of those bicycle gear items that I consider very important, particularly if you ride early in the morning or at night.  Being seen can be difficult enough without adding to it by not having lights on your bicycle or by wearing dark colored clothing while cycling.  Being hit can make for a very bad day.  This item is worth considering for your bike.

Planet Bike Superflash Turbo Tail Light.  These are 1 watt lights and they are bright.  They sell for $39.99 at, but are available at other places online for less.  Here's one for under $25.  And that includes shipping.  These Planet Bike lights are easy to use, batteries last a long time and they're bright even in daylight.  I used Planet Bike tail lights when I rode across country in 2010.  I keep these in the strobe mode when in use.  Check out some videos of this light and comparisons to other brands of tail lights here.

Three Turbo Superflash Tail Lights on my rear rack.
Planet Bike Superflash Turbo Tail Light

Better View of the Tail Lights

Another View

Yes, I have 3 of them on my rear rack.  Plus two of the regular Planet Bike Superflash Tail Lights, which are 1/2 watt, on my rear rack bag.  Why?  While driving at night, particularly in larger cities, I've seen cyclists using various tail lights.  Generally, they only have one tail light on their bike.  Now, as a cyclist, I know that it's a bicyclist.  I'm not convinced that most drivers are aware of exactly what that light is and I believe it takes them a while to figure that out.  Overkill?  Perhaps.  But I want to be seen.  I don't want drivers to have to guess. When I get a headrest put on the Silvio, I will add two more lights to that.  I'd rather have someone tell me I have a lot of tail lights on my bike then to wonder what it was they just hit.  Whatever your choice is, use several, IMHO, so, if for no other reason, a driver may slow down just to see what the hell that is on the roadway.

-Very bright
-Long lasting batteries.  I never had to change batteries in my lights on my 6 week cross country bicycle trip.


These are bright tail lights, comparable to anything else on the market.  Looking for price, functionality, durability, can't beat this tail light.  There are others out there...check them out by doing a Google search.  I'm sure, like other bicycle gear, these are chosen by personal taste.  What I believe, however, is that these are equal to, or better than, any other options out there.  Here's one for under $25.  How can you beat that price?  Well, see what works for you and buy some.  They are important safety equipment for your bike, day or night.  Let them call you a Geek.  At least you're still above ground, eh?

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