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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

EUROPEANS! Part II: More on Annelies and Hannes Solomon and Their 3yr Bicycle Trip...

Finished downloading video and photos of Annelies and Hannes Solomon and ready to do another post.  Eileen and I really enjoyed having these two stay with us.  Usually, we try to limit the length of time riders stay with us, but it often works out that we really like the people and having them stay longer is no problem.  It does infringe a bit on Eileen's traditional Irish fiddle music practice, but she manages to get some practice in anyways.

The last two nights that Annelies and Hannes were here, they cooked dinner.  Pasta both nights.  Both night's dinners were very different.  First, LOTS of garlic and jalapeno peppers!  Whoa!  It was really very good.  Spicy and garlicky, too.  Next night, pasta with onions, zucchini, and Gorgonzola cheese.  Again, very good. Both dishes that I want to try to cook myself for us.  Over the course of the four nights that Hannes and Annalies stayed with us, we managed to consume a fair amount of wine and beer.  Bicyclists usually have good appetites for alcohol.  I try to accommodate and assist with the consumption of alcohol.  Don't want them to drink alone, eh?

So, here are some photos and videos...I try to keep the videos short.  Hope you enjoy...the following videos are of Hannes, Annelies, and Eileen at our house as we talked, prepared meals, and drank wine.

On Tuesday, June 26, 2012, Hannes and Annelies got up early and prepared to head off to Glenwood, NM, where they'll spend the night with our friend, Kyle Skaggs, at his organic farm in Pleasanton, NM.  From there, they'll head to Reserve, NM, and on to Aragon, NM, where they'll pick up the Adventure Cycling Association's Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.  From there, they'll head north to Canada.  Hannes and Annelies plan on being back in Austria by August/2013.  To date, they have bicycled over 32,000 kilometers, with over 330,000 meters of climbing.  Averaging about 25km per hour, riding about 100 km/day.  Roughly speaking, that is.  Some days are longer; some are shorter.  They are also avid paragliders and spent 3 months in Chile on this trip to paraglide.  They met when they were paragliding in Chile at the same paragliding outfit there around 2007 and discovered that they lived very close to each other in Europe.

Now, some videos from this morning when they left for Pleasanton/Glenwood...

The only negative happened this morning as they were leaving.  Earl, the normally friendly, playful cat, decided to spray one of the front panniers on Annelies' bicycle.  We've never seen him do that before.  I got some vinegar and sprayed the area and cleaned it as best I could.  Hopefully, it won't leave an odor.  We'll be careful from now on about Earl.  One more post about these folks tomorrow...with photos.

Ok, a tune to exit with before this becomes a major textbook....Eric Clapton.  Another of Annelies' favs.  Eric wrote "Layla" as a love song for George Harrison's wife, Pattie Boyd, who eventually left George and married Eric.  Never knew that before...While Eric wrote this, it was while he was with Derek and the Dominoes that it was released in 1970.  Along with Eric, Duane Allman was in the band.  The album that it's on is titled, "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs".