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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

EUROPEANS: Part III...Annalies and Hannes

Not wanting to bore the hell out of everyone with one very long post, I split my post into three posts so people could read about Annelies and Hannes Solomon just a little at a time.  For a brief review, Annelies is from Switzerland; Hannes is from Austria.  Annelies is a pediatric nurse; Hannes is an architect.  While in Chile in 2007 to paraglide, they met, realized they lived very near each other in Europe and fell in love.  They got married in 2009, after which, they took off on an extended bicycle touring trip.  On the road for over 3yrs now, they will continue on until August/2013, when they will return home to Austria.

Eileen and I really enjoyed having them stay with us.  Hannes contacted me via Warmshowers, which is a website for cyclists to find other cyclists around the world who will put them up for a night or two.  If you're a cyclist and would like to use this, it's free and you're not obligated to take in everyone who contacts you for a place.  Anyways, we hope that Hannes and Annalies enjoyed our company, too.  We all did converse a lot and laughed a lot, so maybe they did.  And we consumed some ETOH.  Fun.

To wrap these posts up about these two, I've got some photos to post.
4 Cloves of garlic; 4 chopped jalapeno peppers

Hannes chopping jalapeno peppers; Annelies taking a photo of the garlic/jalapenos.

Eileen, wearing her glasses, ready to party

Hannes and Annelies
Eileen after partying...

Hannes and Annelies
Their trusty steeds

The Rolhoff Speedhub

Adjustable bottom bracket to tighten chain

Annelies having her morning espressobefore heading off to Glenwood, NM

Hannes having his morning espresso before heading to Glenwood, NM

Annelies' bicycle...Earl the Cat

Hannes' bicycle

Hannes and Annelies with their bikes before leaving.
Now, a tune to wrap this up with...for Hannes, some jazz.  Thelonious Monk performing his jazz standard, "Round Midnight".  This is the most recorded jazz standard composed by a jazz musician.  Enjoy, Hannes!