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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ridin' With Janey...

Janey Katz and I have known each other for quite a few years now.  People usually first hear about Janey because she owns what seems to be about half of downtown Silver City, NM.  The Hub, Yada Yada Yarn, Three Dogs Coffee Shop, and so many other of the retail spaces in downtown Silver City are Janey's.  She an interesting character and, fortunately for her, her partner, Suzi Calhoun has stuck with her for about 25yrs now.  Janey doesn't really know why Suzi sticks by her, but she's happy that she does.  Janey is also an artist.  Bad part of her art is the destruction of old truck parts to make her art.  Check out her art at Lizard Breath Ranch...

Janey and I both wonder why our respective significant others stick with us, so we have that in common.  She swears a lot; so do I.  Another point in common.  She's a bicycle FREAK (in a good way, which Gila Hike & Bike LOVES!); so am I.  Gila Hike & Bike loves Janey more than me.  The big difference is Janey's got the cash to pursue her bicycle fantasies.  I just try not to drool on the page of the bicycling magazine.  A BIG difference.  Janey is also a lightweight FREAK...if it's lightweight, she's "gottahaveit".  Gottahaveit will drain your wallet faster than a night on the town where the driver is tequila, y'know?  Trust me.  A very slippery slope.  You don't even know you're halfway down the slope until it's too late.  Shit's been ordered.  Janey has more expensive bikes than anyone else I know.  Ted Grant just bought the latest Trek, the Domane.  His will be the first in Silver City.  Black Larry McDaniel has a Seven, which used to be the most expensive bike in Silver City, but he's way down the list now.  Just Janey alone puts Black Larry at least in 5th place.  Ted's knocks him farther down the list.  Time to UPGRADE, Black Larry!  Well, he did buy a new mountain bike not too long ago.  Not sure that counts.

Janey is in her 60's.  Thus, she claims, that she needs to buy the lightest, fastest bikes.  She has to have them to keep pace with her cycling buddies who are 40somethings.  Downside to hanging with them 40somethings is that now she's convinced them to upgrade their bikes.  I think Janey does this for two reasons: 1.) now she needs to upgrade again to keep up with the 40somethings, and, 2.) now she has a reason that she can tell Suzi why she needs a new bike.  Wish I'd thought of that.  My Silvio is the first new bike that I've bought in 25yrs+.  It weighs 28lbs.  Janey just purchased a Parlee custom carbon fiber bicycle.  It weighs 12.5lbs.  When I picked the Parlee up this morning to see how light it was, I told Janey that I thought I might have had a bowel movement that weighed more than the Parlee.  Wasn't certain.  She laughed.  So did Suzi.  Suzi owns/operates/manages  Yada Yada Yarn on Bullard St. in Silver City.  However she does it, she keeps Janey relatively in line.  She's also an artist in her own right...with yarn and pottery, maybe more.

Janey and I took off around 7am, just after I'd tried not to drool on either the Colnago or the Parlee.  Janey was kind to me.  Janey rode her Colnago today.  It weighs 14.5lbs.  She didn't ride the Parlee today because she had ridden that yesterday with her disc wheels.  Oh, she uses tubular tires, too.  Anyways, I was able to keep her in sight.  Downhill?  I won.  Hands down.  Uphill?  Janey was kind to me again.  Still having some extra weight on the frame (my frame, not the Silvio).  I am not in tiptop shape just yet.  Janey is probably a good 40lbs lighter than me plus she has a bike that's lighter than my shoes.  Main thing, we had fun.  At least, I did.  Hopefully, Janey was not bored to fekkin' tears riding in the slow lane with me.  These days, my preference is to ride, talk, and enjoy the scenery.

Despite my picking on these people...Janey, Suzi, Ted, Black Larry...they're all part of what makes Silver City the special place that it is...  Wouldn't be the same without'em.  Some photos of people and bikes.

Again, this isn't Black Larry's Seven.  But it is a Seven.
This is a Parlee.  This isn't Janey's.
Janey has a CUSTOM made Parlee frame/fork with carbon fiber brakes even...
Janey is also an Artist!
Check out her website "The Lizard Breath Ranch"

Not Ted's Domane, but it is a Trek Domane.
This is a Colnago.  It's not Janey's but she has one like this one.

Janey with Manuel, owner of Masa y Mas.
GREAT Mexican food,  very reasonable prices, and really friendly people.
Manuel rents space from Janey at The Hub in downtown Silver City, NM.

Suzi keeping busy while Janey is out riding all those bicycles.

A tune for Janey and Suzi...and for Eileen.  Il Volo singing "Un Amore Cosi Grande".