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Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Sunday Ride on the Silvio...

Took off Sunday morning for a 25 mile ride on the Silvio.  Lots of rollers, big and small, along the route towards Bayard, NM.  Got off a bit late.  Drinking wine the night before a ride always complicates getting up in the morning.  The argument I have with myself never has a certain outcome...sometimes the bike wins; sometimes the bed wins.  On this day, the bike won ... a bit belated...but it won.  Got out of the house around 9am.  A bit humid but sunny, so I was good to go.  The breeze helped a lot.

As I've stated before in this blog, riding the Silvio uphill, on flat roads, and easy downhills, no problem.  When I get to speed on a descent, anxiety does kick in due to the heavy front end with the front wheel drive.  I can control this, for the most part, and I've not ever fallen going downhill...just uphill.  Too damn funny.  Time on the bike will most likely bring this under control.  We'll see.

Ended up being a good ride.  Didn't eat breakfast before I left so I was hungry and a bit tired after getting home.  Had some eggs mixed with local, sweet onion, as well as kale and some locally made Italian spiced goat feta cheese.  Pretty good.  Never had kale with eggs until Saturday and discovered that I liked it.  After eating, I snoozed for a bit then lollygagged for the afternoon reading about the American Revolution.

The next few posts will be about gear again.  Haven't written about every thing on my list of gear yet.  So, upcoming...panniers, racks, ultra lite cot, clothing, and more.  Stay tuned.

Now, a tune featuring Clarence Clemons doing a sax solo, along with Bruce and the E Street Band....The Big Man was a one and only...