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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vitus Is In The Shop

After cleaning up the Vitus and removing all the decals that I had put on the frame over the years, the frame looks great.  I put a different stem on the Vitus.  The stem is a Nitto Technomic and it's the tallest one they make.  Definitely not "aero", but it looks good on the Vitus and it's comfortable.  It's the stem I used on  the Cannondale ST500 when I rode across country in 2010.  This stem puts the handlebars up higher so I don't have to bend over as far as I did with the 3t stem that came with the Vitus back in 1984 when I bought it.  So, with it all cleaned up and the stems changed, I brought the bike into Gila Hike & Bike this afternoon for Bill to put it all  together for me.  Picked out some white handlebar addiction...and it should look slick when it's all put together.  Pictures this week!

The Nitto Dirt stem arrived today, too.  I put the Nitto Noodle bars in the stem and it looks like it'll work great with the Cannondale ST500.  The Nitto Dirt stem angles the bars up and that helps keep me in a much more upright position on the bike.  I'll like that.  The Nitto Technomic stem raise the bars, too, but the Dirt stem also angles the bars up another 4 inches.  Height can be adjusted by moving the stem up and down to the desires height.  Should work well for touring.  Pictures, I promise, as soon as the bike is put together after the frame is painted.

Will get some other touring gear out this week and do some more reviews, too.  Gives me a good reason for going through my stuff and seeing how it's all doing after being stored for a few years.

Now, a tune...Billy Joe Shaver doing "Black Rose".  One of my favorite country singers.