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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cannondale ST-500 Paint Job...and Tucson.

Last Sunday, Eileen and I headed out for Tucson, AZ, which, despite Eileen's protests to the contrary, is about a 2.5hrs drive from Silver City, NM.  Having just done this drive the previous Monday, it was deja vu for me.  I was excited; Eileen was a bit nervous.  I was going to Tucson to pick up my freshly powder coat painted Cannondale ST-500 frame/fork.  Eileen was going for her annual medical appointments.  Both of us were looking forward to seeing our friend, Pat Sparks, who owns the Mon Ami B&B that we were staying at.  We've stayed there every time we've gone to Tucson now for several years.  The breakfast she serves is just incredible.  Generally, a snack later in the day will serve until dinner time.  Pat also can arrange to cook dinner, at a very reasonable price, for guests who stay at the B&B.  Pat used to own Penelope's, a French restaurant in Tucson, and was the chef, as well.  A bit of history about French restaurants in Tucson can be found here.  Pat operated Penelope's for 13yrs, then purchased the B&B.  Worth checking this place out if you're headed to's centrally located with quick access to downtown and the University area/4th Avenue area.

So, everything went well with Eileen's annual appointments.  What we both like about the U of A Health Sciences Center is that, when out of town people come there for appointments, etc., and have medical tests done, the medical staff let the person know the outcome of the test/s BEFORE they leave the building.  Is that amazing or what?  At UNM Hospital, that's not the case and people end up making trip after trip there.  For us, UNM Hospital, located in Albuquerque, NM, is a 4hr way.  Tucson is way. It was an easy choice, plus the staff, MDs, etc., are great.  And Eileen gets into her appointment on time or early, if you can imagine that.  Now, for me, having Eileen pass the annual medical tests, etc., with flying colors is what's Eileen, too.

Ok, on to the Cannondale!  Here are some photos:

Steve Backenkeller did a fine job with the paint job, IMHO.

The frame and the fork...

Bottom bracket

Seat tube

Head tube

Rear dropouts

The fork

The fork
As you can see, the light has an affect on how dark or light the blue seems.  It's a steel blue with a clear coat, all powder coated.  What I was looking to duplicate is the blue from the 1986 Cannondale ST-800.  Here are two photos of that bike.

This is what I want my completed Cannondale to look like sans fenders.

As you can see, depending on the light, the color of the frame is different.
I'll be putting on antique brown Brooks leather handlebar tape to go with the antique brown Brooks Flyer Special touring saddle, as well as a new Shimano Deore LX crankset/bottom bracket and Shimano Deore LX triple front derailleur.  They'll be combined with the Shimano Deore XT rear derailleur and Shimano Tiagra shifters/brakes that I presently own.  The new parts should be in within a week or so, then I'll take it to Twin Sisters Cycling, so Annie can put it all together for me.  When it's done, more pictures for y'all to check it out.  Bill, at Gila Hike & Bike, put my Vitus road bike back into operating condition.  Now, to support both shops, I'm taking the Cannondale to Annie.  Seems fair.

When the Cannondale is in operating condition, I'll be looking to increase my mileage in order to try some overnight or two night camping tours and have Eileen either join me on the ride or at camp.  We'll see how it all progresses.  I am happy...that Eileen is well and the Cannondale is almost ready to go.

Ok, a good tune to get out of this post with...two of my favs doing one of my favorite tunes.."Angel From Montgomery" written by John Prine and performed by Bonnie Raitt and John Prine.