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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cruzbike Silvio Has Been Sold...

Yesterday, after being in touch with a guy from Airdrie, Alberta, Canada, by the name of Bruce Cram, I sold the Cruzbike Silvio frame along with an extra handlebars and skewer/derailleur hanger.  Bruce sent the money via PayPal and I have transferred it to my bank account.  Today, I'm packing the Silvio up and will ship it out no later than Tuesday.  It'll take about 8 days to get to Airdrie.

While the Silvio didn't meet my expectations, I sincerely hope that Bruce is more satisfied with how the Silvio rides.  As I've said many times, it is a comfortable and a fast/performance recumbent that climbs well and is excellent on flats.  Since I wanted it to be two bikes in one, it didn't match up to what I was seeking...a road bike and a touring bike.  The design of the Silvio is such that it would be difficult to convert to a long distance touring recumbent.  Shorter tours or motel touring, etc., this would be able to handle that very well and provide comfort to the rider.

Now, I'm back on my Vitus and am in the process of making arrangements to get the Cannondale ST-500 powder coat painted this month over in Tucson.  For me, this will create a "brand new" old bike that has been a trusty stead for many years and quite a few miles.  I'll put some new cranks and bottom bracket on it along with a new front derailleur, all Deore XT...and it'll look newer, too.  The rest of the components that I presently have will go on the bike and, then, some short tours...drum roll, fingers crossed. Got to get up to some distance first, then think about some tours.  Next year, for sure.

Some photos of the Silvio ready to be boxed up:

Front fork, high pressure pump, front stay, paperwork for the Silvio

Two handlebars, telescoping folding tube that adjusts for different height riders, the extra skewer/derailleur hanger, and the Silvio frame.

The whole deal ready to be boxed up.  Box is on the floor behind the table/in front of the hutch.
I do have some regrets that this recumbent didn't work out for me, but it did open doors to a whole other world of bicycle riding for me...Trikes and recumbents.  Over the next year, I'll be trying out a number of these to see if any fit my expectations for a road/touring setup.  Fun to try them all and make some decisions.

Ok, time to go...a tune to enjoy...Neil Young singing, "Hey, Hey, My, My" the lyric, "it's better to burn out than fade away..".  On my bicycle, that's my plan...