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Monday, August 13, 2012

Silvio Is Gone; 40yrs Married...Off To Tucson On Monday With My Cannondale Frame

No, I've not been married 40yrs...only 12yrs, so far.  But, my friend, Bob Sklarz, a.k.a. "Clyde", who was my college roommate at SUNY Oneonta, just celebrated 40yrs being married to Margaret McCartney, a.k.a. Margee, who also went to SUNY Oneonta with us.  My girlfriend at that time was friend's with Margee.  That's where they met.

When their daughter, Cassie, contacted me to inform me of a surprise, 40th anniversary party for her parents, I told her that she had to be mistaken.  We weren't that old yet.  Really.  Well, I tried.  It seems they HAVE been married 40yrs.  My question is:  How is that possible? Per Clyde, they had a great party and it was a surprise.  Hard to pull those off with big mouth Irish people involved (no offense here..I'm Irish, so I can make those kinds of comments.).  Congrats to Margee and Clyde for 40yrs...and to Cassie for pulling it off.

On Monday, Aug. 20th, I'm heading to Tucson to meet up with Steve Backenfeller, who is the guy that's going to powder coat paint my 1986 Cannondale ST-500 frame.  When it's done, I'll trick it out with some touring stuff and try to get in a few overnighters or more this Fall.  I'll drop it off at Steve's, then pick out a color, and will pick it up the following week when I'm in Tucson again.  Looking forward to that...

And, on a more final note, I shipped the Cruzbike Silvio to Alberta, Canada, today.  Bruce Cram bought it.  He's from Airdrie, near Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and is looking forward to building up the Silvio frame.  Wish him the best with it.  It just wasn't meeting my needs, but it is a fast bike/recumbent.

Ok, that's it for, a tune...When Clyde, Margee, and I were in college, this was one of the top tunes and the Vietnam war was raging.  Yes, we were demonstrating against the war at that time.  I still demonstrate against war and the death penalty.  While not in combat, all of our generation was impacted by this.  No one was immune.  We all knew people who went to Vietnam and died there...physically, emotionally, and mentally.  No one came out of this the same as they were before it all started.  Some of the soldiers who went to Vietnam are still dying as a result of the Vietnam war.  This is for all of us...

For the record, people being killed by soldiers didn't just happen in Vietnam...Kent State is only one of several universities in America where U.S. soldiers killed unarmed U.S. civilians.