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Friday, November 16, 2012

PABLO y ETIENNE: Part II Videos And Photos

Had to exit yesterday's post to get dinner started.  Life as a houseboy has it's requirements.  Having dinner ready is one of them.  So, today's post will have videos and photos from Pablo (28 yrs old) and Etienne's (26 yrs old) visit with us in Silver City, NM.  As I said in my previous post, these two are headed to Tierra del Fuego.  Having them stay at our house for 3 nights was great.  Funny guys on a long journey.  As representatives of their generation, they do it well and give a glimmer of hope for the future...that it will be brighter.

Ok, on with the show..These videos are very short.  Following the videos are some more photos..
Eileen saying "Hello, Silver City!"
Etienne, Eileen, and Pablo saying "Hello, Silver City, NM"
The Cowboys in the kitchen...
One cowboy handling a dangerous kitchen implement...!
Eileen playing fiddle..
Eileen playing fiddle...again.
Packing up, getting ready to roll...
Ah, the long process of packing the bikes.
More bike packing..
Mas bike packing
And more bike packing
Heading down the Tierra del Fuego!
Some photos then a tune to exit with...!
Etienne packing up his panniers.

Pablo has the same kind of panniers that I have...Arkels

Another shot of the Arkel panniers

Loaded up, ready to roll

Getting ready to go.

Scrappy doing what he does best...sleeping on his head!  Why do cats sleep like that?
Alright, a bit of humor and a tune for Etienne and Pablo..."Rawhide" performed by The Blues Brothers!  Good theme for your videos, Etienne!  Enjoy...