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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Silver City Sun News reports:

SILVER CITY — A 65-year-old man is in stable condition Tuesday afternoon after being accidentally shot at a gun shop on Hudson Street in Silver City.
Silver City Police Chief Ed Reynolds said an employee at Copper County Sporting Arms was unloading a .45 caliber handgun when the weapon went off and hit the customer in the back.
Emergency responders from the Silver City Police Department, the Grant County Sheriff's Department, the Silver City Fire Department, and Gila Regional Medical Center arrived on the scene and blocked off Hudson Street from College Avenue to Broadway so that a helicopter could land on Hudson Street to airlift the victim to an El Paso hospital for treatment. The chopper landed in front of the Chevron station on Hudson and took off at 10:40 a.m. for El Paso. No names are being released at this time. The investigation is ongoing, Reynolds said, and it is unclear whether any charges will be filed. A person who answered the phone at Copper Country declined to talk to the Sun-News on Tuesday.                                                                 
No, I didn't make this up.  This happened yesterday, in a gun shop/ATV store on Hudson Ave., 11/20/12.  The clerk was unloading the gun when it "accidentally discharged"...that's another way of saying the guy fucked up BIG time!  And the owner of the shop must be reviewing his insurance policy as I type this...once he got out of the bathroom!!!  Hudson Ave. in Silver City, NM, is a main street...Rt. 90 to Lordsburg, NM, in fact.  A large section of the avenue was closed to traffic in order for a helicopter to land on the street and fly the injured man to El Paso, TX, to the trauma center there.  There were cops and others ALL over the place.  At least, it seems that way in a small town.  Apparently, the bullet ricocheted off the concrete floor and struck the man in the back, between his shoulder blades.  He's in stable condition in El Paso.  One lucky man.  One unlucky clerk.  One even more unlucky shop owner.  Can you spell "MONEY"?  Here's a link to the Silver City Sun News article.  Where are Etienne and Pablo when all the action is going down in the ol' West???

This should be an indicator of what I'm up to this week.  Cooking for Thanksgiving.  No turkey this year.  A pork loin.  Smoked.  Plus all the goodies that go with Thanksgiving.  Mashed potatoes.  Sweet potatoes.  Cranberry sauce.  Gravy.  Veggies.  Salad.  PUMPKIN PIE.  Oh, and all the snack goodies, too.  YUMMMMMM!  Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday of the year, followed only by Christmas, which is numero uno.  Smoking a turkey for Christmas.

Ok, a tune to get out of this post with...hmmm, wonder if there are any gun themed tunes???  "The Gun Addict" song by ????  Enjoy...