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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Catching Up With Some Odds And Ends...

"Don't cry because it's over.  Smile because it happened." ~ Dr. Seuss

Ever time we have a friend stay with us or we have a party or something is going on or we've been visiting somewhere, I frequently experience a mild mood change.  Not sad or depressed, but I do think about what was going on or who was just here and wish the thing or the moment could go on longer.  But it doesn't, so the above quote seemed appropriate for this entry.

Today, I was showing Tim Tower, a Warmshowers cycling tourist who stayed with us last night (more on Tim
Tim Tower from Seattle, WA
in my next entry), some photos from my 2010 cross country trek and realized that I hadn't posted them on this site.  And when the mail arrived today, I received a compression sack from Bryan Dutt, another
Bryan Dutt from Seattle, WA
Warmshowers touring cyclist who stayed with us in January, 2011.  He wasn't using any compression sacks to reduce the space that his gear/clothing was taking up in his panniers, so I showed him how using one can make for a smaller overall profile with the panniers because the stuff takes up less room.  When I let him use the sack, I asked that, when the ride was done, he send it back to me.  Well, it's been 2yrs since Bryan stayed with us, but he sent it back.  I like that.  Late last Fall, I let another cyclist, Mike Long, use a front
Mike Long and Loren Farese from Kelso, WA, and San Francisco, CA
rack and my four Madden panniers because the trailer he was using broke and wasn't repairable.  After Mike and Loren finished their trip, he sent the gear back to me.  Now, I have stuff that another touring cyclist who stays with us might need.  You never know.

So, here are a few photos from my 2010 cross country trek that I don't think I've posted on my blog:
Now, THIS is a cinnamon roll!!  It is sitting on a full size dinner plate.  Note the fork.  I ate half of it along with 2 eggs, toast, home fries, and bacon.  Recommended by the Association of Cardiologists of Missouri. 
                 A photo I took of myself in a motel in Glenwood, NM, at the end of my first day's ride of my cross country trip, Aug. 1, 2010
My celebration toast to myself for being alive in an Irish bar in Springfield, IL, my half-way point on my trip.
Now, the following is a video that Bryan Dutt sent me and it does have the F-bomb in it, so be forewarned.  Rest assured, I was just joking with was funny then and now.
That's enough for today.  Just a little catch up, like Bryan did in sending the compression sack back to me.  Now, a tune to exit with.  My friends, Bob and Margaret Sklarz, have a fab daughter, Cassie Sklarz, who has a blog.  She recently posted some tunes that I've been enjoying.  Good to keep up with what's out there musically.  Here's a group called, Fun, doing the song, "We Owned The Night"...