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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Grand Bois Cerf Blue Label Tire From Compass Bicycle...A Real Winner! 5 Stars

"To prepare for a race, there is nothing better than a good pheasant, some champagne, and a woman." - Jacques Anquetil (1934-1987), First 5 Time Tour de France Winner

Ah, that was when bicycle racing was real.  Ok, this is a revisit from new tires that I bought and put on my Vitus road bike back on 5/27/14.  Click here to read the original posting.  I had used two Grand Bois Col de Madeleine tires on the Vitus but was unimpressed that they only lasted a short time and had several punctures, which are never fun.  This is not to disparage these tires.  They were fast and comfortable to ride for an extra light tire (extra leger), however, these are more for racing than training or just doing rides.  Roads here are tough and your earn what you burn in calories here.

The Grand Bois Cerf (French for "deer") Blue Label tires, however, have been very good with no punctures, to date.  Always afraid to say things like that.  Now, I expect to have a flat the next time I'm out on the Vitus.  Just this week, I rotated the tires, rear one to the front, front to the rear, because of tread wear, which is to be expected.  The tires still look good and have performed really well for me.  Online, you can find other reviews of this tire, as well.  Many compliments out there.

Grand Bois Cerf Blue Label 700x26 tire
I give this tire, for now, a 5 Star rating, since it has performed so well.  I've put over 1,000 miles on them or more.  It smoothes out the road surface yet is a faster tire, in my opinion, than other tires I've used.  Certainly a subjective opinion, not based on data or testing by me, but, if you're looking for a great, fast, comfortable tire...this is one to consider.  I realize every rider has different needs while on the bike.  This tire will meet and exceed the needs of many who ride the roads.  In a few months, I'll let you know again how this tire is doing.

Compass Cycles sell these tires at a fairly reasonable price...$57 for the standard, 222 gram tire or $76 for the 184 gram extra leger (ultra light) tire.  Depending on what you're looking for in a tire, these are a good choice.  The standard for training; the extra leger for racing.

Now, to exit this posting...a tune for your listening pleasure.  Patsy Cline singing "Blue Moon of Kentucky" back in February1963.  Enjoy this incredible singer...