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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cannondale Morphis Jacket, A Review...5 STARS

"Everything is amazing and nobody's happy." ~ Louis C. K.

Ok, on to another review. Recently, I decided that I wanted a new cycling jacket that I could wear on colder days that had removable sleeves, so, when I got too hot, I could take them off quickly, which left a vest to help with the temperature control. Most jackets like this have zippers that allow the sleeves to be removed. Works great, but I found something better. Sleeves that are held on by magnets. Yup, magnets. WTF, who thought of this? Give the person an award!

Cannondale Morphis jacket. Very sweet. Believe me. It's expensive, sort of, $110 from Cannondale, if you purchase it straight up without looking for a deal. Now, who just pays the full price straight up these days? Got to be crazy to do that. Ok, I know, let's support the locals. I do, as much as possible, but often there are deals out there too good to pass up. For Christmas last year, a friend of mine gave me a $25 Amazon gift card. I'd been reading reviews on cycling jackets with removable sleeves and came across this beauty...
   Cannondale Morphis Jacket

Here's a photo that shows how the sleeves come off:

Here are a couple of videos showing how easy it is to take off and put on:

This winter, so far, has been particularly cold and snowy, so the Cannondale Morphis has come in handy. It's wind proof and waterproof, too. Recently, as it has warmed up, I've had the opportunity to remove the sleeves and to put them back on. As the videos show, it's simple. No messing with zippers and, if you're better at balancing yourself on a bike than I am, you can remove it and/or put it back on while cycling. I'd rather stop the bike and do it more safely.

I found one on Amazon, which, with the gift card from my friend, Val, allowed me to get it for $35. And free shipping. So, look around the Internet and see what price you might find it for, but, if you're after a good jacket that can keep you warm and allow for quick and easy removal of the sleeves, this is the jacket you're looking for. Several different colors to choose from. I went for the red this time. I've got too many fluorescent yellow and lime green cycling items. Time to change it up. It's a new year.

Time to exit the post, so here's a song to keep you humming for a while...David Bowie and Mick Jagger doing "Dancing In The Street" ( Cool video...and Bowie is the better dancer, IMHO. Happy trails out there...