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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Compass Bicycles Cayuse Pass 700x26 Tires Review...3 STARS

"Every thing happens for a reason, but, sometimes, that reason is because you're stupid and you make bad decisions." ~ anonymous 

Last September/2015, I finally replaced my Grand Bois Blue Cerf 700x26 tires after getting several flats on the Willcox Flyer, a 66 mile ride in Willcox, AZ. The tires had served me well with over 3000+ miles on the road. Hard to beat that. So, instead of replacing the now deceased Blue Cerf tires with the same model, which would have been the sensible, correct decision, I decided to purchase, from the same company, Compass Bicycles (, a different set of tires called the Compass Cayuse in 700x26 size. These are extra light tires at 183gms. 

Some photos of the tires:
     Compass Bicycles Cayuse Pass, $76 ea.
     Grand Bois Blue Cerf sold by Compass Bicycles, $57 ea.

Why? What would make me decide to buy an unknown tire vs. a tire that I knew could give me lots of miles of use? Stupidity. Plain and simple. While trusting a company and their products did enter into my decision, the truth is...I should have bought the Blue Cerf (or the Green Cerf...same tire, just a bit larger, 700x28) tires. Now, why am I saying this? Well, in the past month, I've had two flats with the Compass Cayuse tires. My suspicion is the extra ledger (extra lightweight) aspect of these tires is the culprit, which was the issue with the very first set of tires I purchased from Compass Bicycles that I only got about 1000 miles of use, also extra ledger tires. While great perhaps for racing, their durability for everyday riding on rough country roads is lacking. Lesson learned? Jesus, I hope so, but, over time, this has not been the case since I seem to forget the "lesson".

What makes this worse is that I cannot even blame it on "old age", which is convenient, but untrue. When I was 18 yrs old, I made the same stupid mistakes, but now, at least, I can use the "old age" excuse. But it's not why I repeat these mistakes. That I've yet to figure out... It definitely is "operator error".

So, while I highly recommend some of this company's tires, be sure to purchase the ones necessary for the riding you'll be doing with them and the roads you'll be riding on. In the meantime, I've ordered a set of the Grand Bois Green Cerf 700x28 to replace the Compass Cayuse 700x26 tires. The larger size (hopefully, they'll fit) should help with the rough roads around this area. I'll let you know what happens with these tires. For now, I'll keep the Cayuse tires to use when I need to have a lightweight tire for a road ride.
       Grand Bois Green Cerf sold by Compass Bicycles, $57 ea. 

My rating of the Compass Cayuse tires is 3 STARS. Even as an extra lightweight tire, for the money, I believe they should be better at puncture proofness than they are. The other qualities a cyclist looks for are there, but, if the tire can't get you down the road, why buy them?

Ok, time to exit this post with some music. Recently, David Bowie moved on to whatever, if anything, is next. Since he was a big part of the music I listened to in my 20's, here's a song to enjoy..."Changes" by David Bowie ( and one more because he's just so good, "Rebel Rebel" ( His list of songs is vast, but I remember these two from way back when. At the time, Joan Fish, a woman I was mad about then, turned me on to Bowie. I owe her for that gift.